Smokey’s Fire Truck Events

The Elections are fast approaching!!!
Reserve your fire truck today!!!

Running for local office on a tight budget?  Smokey's Fire Trucks are surprisingly affordable.

There is nothing more impressive than campaigning on a fire truck, for a local, statewide or national campaign a fire truck gets you noticed.  When running for office your time is limited, you need to get your message out the voters and be remembered.  Smokey's Fire Truck Events can help.  Nothing beats the power and presence for a fire truck.  While you are busy with other campaign events, a fire truck, carrying your campaign banners and message can be driving and covering your district to get your message out.  Need to make several campaign appearances?  Have you and your campaign staff arrive on a fire truck and give your speech from the ultimate platform, a fire truck carrying your banners.

Smokey's have been hired by state wide campaigns and local city council campaigns.  We have seats and seatbelts in the back of the fire truck to carry you, your family or your campaign supporters.  If you are running a national, statewide or local campaign we can help.   Call today to reserve the most effective campaign tool.

Let Smokey's Fire Truck Events help with your election campaign,.