Fire Truck Birthday Party

 The party kids and adults both enjoy!

A Genuine Smokey's Fire Truck Birthday Party -- a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.  Ideas are harder and harder to find, are you trying to make you next birthday party unique and fun and everyone?  Then look no further that a Genuine Smokey's Fire Truck Party, the party that will have the entire neighborhood talking.

Smokey's Fire Truck Events personnel arrive via a real, full size fire truck, fully equipped with horns, hoses and authentic fire equipment and "Happy Birthday" banners on the sides of the fire truck.  The fire truck birthday party will be specifically geared for the age of the guests, whether its from one to eighty years old and any where in-between. You will be surprised when the grown ups have more fun then the kids, going for ride on a fire truck!!!

Every fire truck birthday party we do is a little bit different, if you just want rides for the entire time with no talk, no problem.  Want just one or two rides and more time for exploring the fire truck, we can do that to.  You can't go wrong with fire truck birthday party! 

First, we give a short fire safety talk or a tour of the fire truck, that is geared towards the age of the children.  Ifthe kids are very young or a little overwhelmed at being up close to a real fire truck, we skip the talk and let the kids get "comfortable" being around the fire truck.  Party goers are encouraged to try on the 'Turn-outs' (the yellow firefighters coats) and helmets.  The festivities then continue with a memorable fire truck ride around the neighborhood. Adults are more the welcome to come to come along for the ride. In the back we have taken out the hoses and installed seats with seat belts in the hose bed of the fire truck.  After the rides, we have water filled fire extinguishers that the birthday child can squirt for their amusement (time permitting).  Throughout the party there are several photo opportunities with the children next to and on the fire truck.  The kids grow up so fast, be sure to book you fire truck birthday party now.

To book a fire truck birthday party, please call 949-361-1913